Edwin & Ringo Highscore Contest !!!

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To celebrate the launch of our new production: Edwin & Ringo, we are giving away an authentic production drawing made and signed by our in-house artist. How to win this awesome page of drawing? Super simple! Play our game for free on Kongregate on your mobile phone or your computer, take a screenshot or a photo of the highscore, and post it to our contest thread on our official Facebook page! The highest score get the drawing shipped to him, it’s as simple as that.

So, to sum-up:

  1. Play the game for free on Kongregate.
  2. Take a screen shot or a photo of your highscore (located in the top right corner of your screen).
  3. Post it on our official Facebook page, located in the comment section of the contest announcement.
  4. The contest will begin as soon as the announcement is made on Facebook and will end two weeks after this date. (see details on the Facebook page)
  5. The winner will be announced shortly after the end and he/she will receive the drawing by mail.


play on 02


Legal notice: By entering the contest you’re willingly taking part in a fun and recreational competition. There is nothing to win beside the production drawing featured in the photo above. The winner will feature his highscore on the Facebook page under the comment section for everyone to see that his/her highscore his higher than the one of the other participants. Simius Game Studio is a small “indie” game studio and therefore can’t  perfectly secure the highest score validity, so please don’t cheat and respect the other players by being honest with your results. The winner will receive his/her prize by mail a few days after the end of the contest. Have fun!!! Thanks you very much for supporting us!!!


Update: The contest is over! Congratulations to all the participants and a special thanks to Morgane who wins the drawing!